Company Introdution

Guangzhou Eco-Marine Co.,Ltd is specialized in ocean ecology- protection ,repairmen and environmental governance in mainland china , it offers comprehensive ocean ecology-protection and project implementation plan for local government and enterprise as well.The company has a variety of technological patents, it is the first company that provides service on comprehensive rehabilitation of marine ecological environment. It succeed to the services provided on independent research and development and We have successfully served many cases such as "shenzhen dapeng dao bay coral reef ecological restoration", "zhanjiang xuwen coral reef protection" and "Taiwan kenting Marine restoration".It is committed to promoting and improving regional Marine ecological environment through independent research and development and introducing all kinds of advanced environmental protection technologies, realizing sustainable development of Marine ecological environment and contributing to the construction of Marine ecological civilization.

Scope of business
Scope of business

I. Ecological restoration project.
   Ecological restoration of coral reefs, ecological restoration of mangrove forests, ecological restoration of seaweed beds, construction of marine ranches and comprehensive restoration of coastal zones.
Ii. Development of island eco-tourism.
   Diving, fishing, island water sports, other tourism entertainment development.
Iii.Marine ecological research and assessment.
   Marine life survey, Marine ecological survey, Marine water quality inspection, Marine ecological environment monitoring.
Iv. Marine ecological welfare.
   Marine ecological protection public welfare activities, Marine ecological science popularization education.

Cooperative Institute
Cooperative Institute

Guangdong Ocean University Shenzhen Institute(GOUSI) is a public institution that found by Guangdong Ocean University and Shenzhen Dapeng New District Management Committee. GOUSI is new research and development platform. The purposes of construction are diversification of investment subjects, internationalization of construction mode, marketization of operating mechanism, modernization of management system, professionalism, openness, public welfare, enterpriseization, production and research. GOUSI is a new research and development institution that has an independent legal personality.
GOUSI as Shenzhen's first insititution educating and researching in marine. Its duties and tasks mainly include scientific research, talent development, research to production. The innovation and motivation of GOUSI are marine life, marine medicine and marine ecology.

Development of Direction
Development of Direction

Eco-Marine focuses marine restoration. We provide environmental restoration service to government, tourism of landscape ecological restoration project, real estate and ocean restoration project. Building up a platform of marine breeding, trading and maintenance is our objective. Applying the advanced technology will layout and improve an ecological industry of marine.